Garden applications

At ACL Polyester you can find what you need for a wide range of garden applications, fully customised and in long-lasting polyester:

Concrete applications:

  • Art
  • Reclining chairs or other garden furniture
  • Pond and swimming pool liners on your property
  • Prefab polyester ponds in any form
  • Broad colour range


  • Light, super-strong and durable
  • No corrosion caused by electricity or saline environments
  • Good heat insulation
  • Liquid-tight


  • Easy to use
  • Impermeable and maintenance-free
  • Immediately in colour
  • Inserts are also glued in directly


This is how we make a difference

  • Over 20 years of knowhow
  • Personal and direct approach
  • Extensive guidance
  • High-level finish
  • Continuously looking for innovation
  • Our own R&D department

Contact us

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